Senior Backend Engineer

יוני 2, 2024

תיאור משרה

We are developing a platform that collects data from hundreds of different sources and uses machine learning to extract insights for making fast and optimal business decisions. We have assembled an excellent team of leading data engineers, software developers, designers, product managers, and data scientists working towards this goal.
Experience with rich, diverse data – one of the truly unique aspects of our domain is the tremendous diversity of data we work with, comprising dozens of sources and spanning thousands of data points and data types
Acceleration – we are just starting our next phase of growth, so whoever joins us now will grow with us
Impact – we are a small team working to impact a multi-billion dollar business
On a typical day you will:
Backend Engineering: Develop and maintain scalable backend services using Node.js. Focus on building RESTful APIs, database integration, and implementing effective caching strategies. Expertise in using Docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions and Argo is essential.
Cloud Engineering: Deploy and manage applications on cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. Key areas include ensuring cloud infrastructure security, performance optimization, and scalability. Familiarity with Terraform and monitoring tools like Datadog is crucial.
Data Integration: While less emphasized, proficiency in managing data, particularly in designing ETL processes and handling SQL queries, is important.
Performance Indicators:
Proven ability to lead and deliver complex backend and cloud projects.
Strong collaborative skills across different teams.
Efficient in integrating and managing data in backend and cloud environments.
4+ years of experience as a Backend Engineer mainly with Node.js & Typescript
4+ years of experience in a cloud environment (AWS, Azure. GCP)
Ability to lead projects on an end-to-end basis
Strong communication skills, problem solving skills
Experience with Nest.js – Advantage
Data Engineering – Advantage
Experience in working on LLM projects – Advantage
Experience with Python – Advantage
Proficiency in English is required.

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