Senior Angular Team Lead

יוני 2, 2024

תיאור משרה

We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Team Lead who possesses hands-on expertise in Angular, React, and a range of other technologies to lead our development projects to success.
Position Overview:
As a Senior Team Lead with a strong technical background, you will be responsible for overseeing the successful delivery of complex SaaS systems. Your role will involve managing cross-functional teams, implementing best practices, and ensuring the efficient utilization of resources throughout the development lifecycle. You will work closely with clients, stakeholders, and technical teams to drive projects forward, while also actively contributing to the technical implementation using technologies such as Angular, React, Node.js, CI/CD, Cloud (GCP/AWS), PostgreSQL, and more.
Key Responsibilities:
Lead and manage the end-to-end delivery of complex SaaS systems, ensuring projects are delivered on time, and within scope and budget.
Collaborate with product owners, architects, and development teams to define project requirements, scope, and timelines.
Utilize your hands-on expertise in Angular, React, Node.js, and other technologies to actively contribute to development tasks and provide technical guidance to the team.
Implement and optimize CI/CD pipelines to automate the build, test, and deployment processes.
Leverage Cloud platforms (GCP/AWS) to design scalable and resilient solutions.
Design and optimize database schemas using PostgreSQL.
Utilize message queues for asynchronous processing and communication within the system.
Track project progress, identify risks, and implement mitigation strategies to ensure successful project delivery.
Foster a collaborative and high-performance team culture, promoting knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.
Utilize Jira and other project management tools to track tasks, manage sprints, and report on project status to stakeholders.
Proven experience 4 years as a Team Lead in software development projects.
Strong hands-on experience with Angular, React, Node.js, SQL and Cloud.
Solid understanding of CI/CD practices and tools (e.g., Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD).
Experience with Cloud platforms such as GCP or AWS, including cloud-native services.
Proficiency in PostgreSQL or similar relational databases.
Familiarity with message queues (e.g., RabbitMQ, Kafka) and their application in distributed systems.
Excellent communication skills with the ability to effectively interact with technical and non-technical stakeholders.
Strong leadership and team management abilities, with a focus on fostering collaboration and driving results.
Experience working in Agile/Scrum methodologies and using tools like Jira for project management.
Preferred Qualifications:
Relevant certifications in project management (e.g., PMP, Scrum Master).
Experience in developing and delivering SaaS solutions in a production environment.
Knowledge of containerization and orchestration technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes

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