JavaScript Expert- Mobile Team leader

יוני 2, 2024

תיאור משרה

Extensive experience with React Native and a strong foundation in native development frameworks, underscored by a comprehensive understanding of JavaScript and its importance in the development ecosystem.

Deep knowledge of object-oriented programming principles, backend technologies (preferably Node.JS), and the ability to apply these concepts effectively in a JavaScript-centric development environment.

Proficiency in unit testing, continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) practices, and the ability to ensure quality and reliability of the applications through JavaScript testing frameworks.

Exceptional problem-solving and debugging skills, with the capability to tackle challenges in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

Excellent communication and teamwork skills, with a proven ability to lead and inspire a team towards achieving shared goals through the effective use of JavaScript and related technologies.

This role is designed for a visionary leader who understands the significance of JavaScript in the mobile development landscape and is passionate about leveraging its full potential to build innovative, market-leading mobile applications.

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